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Tips to hit jackpot in 918kiss Football Carnival

918Kiss Football Carnival is a 5-stroke 50-row Brazil World Cup slot machine. You will see beautiful symbols in the scroll bar: four different football players, stadiums, fans, Brazilian flags, footballs, samba dancers and the famous Brazilian flag-the statue of Jesus the Redeemer. Six symbols will be overlaid on two positions of the scroll bar. The image is displayed as a long pattern. Each pattern occupies 2 positions, representing two independent but identical symbols. This allows graphic designers to create better images and animations.

Honestly, this is the most amazing football game machine we have ever seen.This quality has multiple characteristics, including flexible multipliers, which are now scattered throughout the "Football Carnival" and open to many awards. Everything will help you make money!

The shape of the football is unpredictable, except for the scatter mark, all other shapes can be replaced. This basic function allows you to receive more varieties and get more trophies! The game’s logo is a random icon and will reward you even if there is no pay line.

If there are at least 3 such symbols in the scroll panel, you can win 10 free downloads, various improvements, and other wild symbols. The free reload starts from 2 times the double reward and increases by 1 for every 2 spins. In the middle of the third scroll bar, other wild symbols will appear during the free replay and will replace the spread symbol.

There is no doubt that "Football Carnival" stands out in terms of illustration and style. For you, the expectations of this game are no stranger. However, they also bring you decent benefits! We recommend this game not only to football fans, but also to those looking for decent entertainment during the World Cup break. This game will definitely take you to the 2014 World Cup!

Join us now in 918kiss betmanslot. We are giving 100% welcome bonus to new player.

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